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Acoustic. Exhaust silencers and Acoustic Cabins.

Specializing in design, manufacture, installation and certification of products and systems for noise control by rectangular or circular
silencers, exhaust gases, screens and acoustic cabins, etc…

and Cabins

Vibrations. Metal and Rubber dampers.

We are manufacturers and designers of systems for vibration isolation applications of any type and complexity, from electronic
equipment to a building with seismic suspension.

Metal and
rubber dampers

Bellows. Metal, textile and silicone bellows.

The bellows are designed for each of the product applications, and can be manufactured in AISI 321 stainless steel,
textile material, elastomers or natural rubber.

fabric and silicone.

Shock. Manufactured in metal and rubber.

Dampers manufacturers for isolating shocks, these products can be either metallic, wire damper, spring, metallic mesh cushion or
elastomer, rubber, silicone, EPDM, etc…

and rubber.

Thermal Insulations. High and Low Temperature

Thermal treatments using blankets for high and low temperature (cryogenic), designed by ANSYS calculation software, that
guarantees a temperature drop according to the technical project requisition.

Thermal Insulations
High and Low

Engineering. Measurement and FEM calculation.

Acoustic, vibration and shock measurement, fluid dynamic studies, calculations of aerodynamic loads, structural validation
studies, modal calculations, vibration sources, isolation and fatigue...

Measurements and
calculations FEM.

Accento Acústica y Vibraciones

ACCENTO Acústica y Vibraciones, SL, company dedicated to the study, design, manufacture and certification of elements control of noise, vibration and shock, with human capital composed of engineers and highly qualified technicians, with wide experience in the sectors of activity.

With own production, ACCENTO manufactures and installs vent silencers, exhaust gases and steam, acoustic cabins, dampers for vibration isolation, shocks and earthquake protection. In the engineering sector, ACCENTO carries out acoustic measurements, noise maps, shock and vibration measurements and studies in the field of simulation, which include fluid-dynamic studies, aerodynamic loads calculation, structural validation studies, modal calculation, vibration sources, insulation and fatigue.

Acoustic studies with numerical simulation using software SYSNOISE, etc. ACCENTO develops customized projects, starting from the problem transmitted by the client, in the various fields of activity.


Accento Acústica y Vibraciones, develops products and solutions for different Industrial Sector. For each of them, we have a wide range of products to control noise, vibration and shock.

The main areas of action are the following:
Industrial, Railways, Marine, Defense, Construction, and Aeronautical.

Ministerio de industria

ACCENTO Acústica y Vibraciones, S.L. has developed with total success during year 2000 the project titled “NEW INVESTMENTS TO IMPROVE THE LASSER CUTTING PROCESS AND BENDING”, and file number RCI-040000-2020-112, which has been financed through the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry, under the Reindustrialization and Industrial Competitivity Promotion Program.

The Project is focused on boosting the industrial investments with productive character and it consists of the adquisition in machinvery investmens that allow to improve the production capacity in cutting and bending metal plates”.

Accento, Acústica y vibraciones
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