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For applications that are affected by vibration, shock or in the field of acoustics, we have developed huge theoretical ability to study any type of elastic tension structure in their states, fatigue, modal, etc., with or without dampers (Ansys, Nastran Patran ) and in the field of fluids, for our silencers and other flow systems, with the prediction of pressure drop (Fluent) and acoustical prediction (Sysnoise). Acoustic and vibration measurements, noise maps, etc.

Acoustic Measurement

The most common purpose of an acoustic measurement is to determine if the noise levels comply with the noise thresholds which establish the different legislations; the municipalities (reflected in ordinances against noise pollution) and also in the regional or national legislation on noise protection.

Acoustic measurements are detailed in our measurements of acoustic insulation, necessary for the opening of public facility. Here we refer to other measures of noise in which we work and the methodology we follow.


Access to Acoustic Measurement

Shocks and Vibration Measurements

The study of the acoustic is complementary to vibration study on many occasions. Agencies such as ADIF that manages the creation and maintenance of railway lines high speed (LAV) requires the drafting of construction projects which are accompanied by a very detailed study of vibration.

As the acoustic studies that are necessary in these projects, the study of vibrations should determine how it will influence the passage of trains on near buildings and close to the road (bridges, roads, tunnels, etc.) infrastructures.


Access to Shocks and Vibration Measurements

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The finite element method FEM is a general numerical method to approximate solutions of partial differential equations widely used in various engineering and physics problems.

FEM is designed for use in computers and solves differential equations associated with a physical problem of complicated geometries. FEM is used in the design and improvement of products and industrial applications, as well as the simulation of complex physical and biological systems. The variety of problems that can be applied has grown enormously, the basic requirement that the constitutive equations and equations of time evolution of the problem to be considered are known in advance.


Access to Finite Element Analysis
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